The "AKSELERASI: Jurnal Ilmiah Nasional," an open-access, peer-reviewed journal with e-ISSN (2774-230X), serves as a comprehensive platform dedicated to the exploration of science and technology within societal contexts. The primary focus and scope of AKSELERASI: Jurnal Ilmiah Nasional is to accept articles from all fields of study, provided that they are scientific works contributing to the impact on humanity. This journal emphasizes the reciprocal influence between advancements in science and technology and societal changes.

AKSELERASI: Jurnal Ilmiah Nasional adopts an interdisciplinary perspective, encouraging analyses drawn from a multitude of disciplines such as Education, History, Law, Sociology, Economics, Political Science, International Relations, Technology, Management, Environmental Studies, Health Science, and more.

AKSELERASI: Jurnal Ilmiah Nasional is committed to publishing original, full-length research papers across all areas related to Science, Technology, and Society. The journal's scope includes but is not limited to:

  • Social Sciences
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Islamic Studies
  • Accounting
  • Education
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Astronomy
  • Geography
  • Atmosphere
  • Marine
  • Biology
  • Mechanics
  • Agriculture
  • Medicine
  • Geology
  • Materials
  • Power
  • Technology
  • Health Science
  • Life Sciences
  • Applied Sciences

AKSELERASI: Jurnal Ilmiah Nasional consciously amalgamates scholarly perspectives that are relevant to both academic research and policy issues concerning development. In addition to research articles, the journal welcomes research-based country reports, commentaries, literature reviews, and book reviews. AKSELERASI: Jurnal Ilmiah Nasional is published by GoAcademica Research dan Publishing.